Welcome Tea Monks, Tea Gypsies, Tea Mystics, Tea Maniacs, Afternoon Tea Ladies and all those for whom in tea is the doorway to comfort, opening and a way to be with those who you love.     

I have a huge passion for tea; drinking tea, making tea, looking at tea, smelling tea, touching tea, serving tea to to others. This company grew out of my tea tasting business. My goal in  these tastings is not to sell bulk tea, but to introduce and educate people about the beauty of tea and the moving experiences one can have through this mode of expression, real Cha Dao. Tea is a perfect vehicle for giving people a deeper experience of themselves, their environment and the mysteries of nature.

       Puerh teas, aged oolongs and other teas of high quality have the ability to shift people into deeper or more expansive states. My hope is that these tasting sets will show people the possibilities inherent in the tea experience and allow them to study tea further ( and endlessly) on their own.

      This business is culmination of studying tea, Asian art and Eastern spirituality for two decades.  I also lived in a yogic monastery with a meditation master for 15 years. There I learned to appreciate and explore the more subtle states available to humans. Tea is my vehicle for sharing this experience with others.

      Studying tea is a constantly unfolding learning  process. One thing any good tea person knows is that there is always someone who knows more.  I am hoping this business will allow me deepen my studies of tea, come in contact with others with this passion and to spend more time in Asia learning tea culture. We are only alive when we are learning and my wish is to always further my depth of knowledge about tea, spirit and life and share it with others. The more I learn, the more I can serve others and the spirit of tea.

       I have also studied, collected and sold Asian art for twenty years. In 2001 I was a visiting curator at the Portland Museum of Art for an exhibit of rare early Tibetan Art hosted in honor of the Dalai Lama's visit to Portland. My Antique Asian Arts Site

                     Paul Rosenberg, Portland, Oregon, 2007

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