Eight Dragons Aged Oolong Set

       This set contains eight aged oolong examples including a 40+ year old baozhing. Aged oolong teas are rich, smooth and satisfying. Like old puerhs they are lower in caffeine but greater in chi or energetic quality. They have great brewing durability, often 4-8 steepings and they leave one relaxed yet energized.

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 1) 1960s Baozhong, Taiwan

2) 1980s Baozhong, Taiwan-

3) 1983 Tie Quanyin, China

4) 1998 Tie Quanyin, China

5) 1980s Luanze Oolong, top grade, Taiwan

6) 1970s Mu Zhu Baozhong

7) 1990s Nantou, Taiwan

8) 1992 Shui Xian, China


Seven Old Men Aged Tea Set

       Besides puerh, other teas have been traditionally aged in China, often to draw out medicinal healing qualities inherent in the leaf. This set contains a variety of aged teas, all very different in character. For tea people, this is a very fun set to get as most people are not exposed to this genre. They have a character which seems to go into the depths of the body.

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 1) Ealry 90s Liu An, Semi-fermented aged tea, An Hui Provnence

 2) Ealry 90s Liu Bao Aged Black Tea, Guanxi, China

 3) 1990 Puerh Cha, Fang Zhang, Menghai District,  Sheng Puerh

 4) 1998 Tie Quanyin Oolong, China

 5) 1998 Liang Green tea, Aged in Bamboo, Hunan China

 6) 2000 Tianjin Black tea, Bamboo Basket Aged, Tianjian, China

 7) 1995 Aged Fu Tea, Hunan China

 8) 1998 Tibetan Tea Brick                   


 Eight Rock Towers Wu Yi Oolong Tasting Set

       This set contains eight  very high quality Wuyi oolong teas. There is allot of wuyi available in this country, but much of it is of low quality, leaving people wondering what is special about these teas. Good Wuyi teas each have their own unique fragrances and complex flavor profiles that change nicely from steeping to steeping. These teas are penetrating, mellow and quite relaxing and are deeply satisfying to drink.

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1) 2006 Spring Ban Tian Yao

2) 2005 Spring Shui Xian

2 2006 Da Hong Pao

3) 2006 Spring  Shui Jin Gui

4) 2006 Spring Rou Gui

5) 2004 Spring Ba Ji Guan

6) 1992 Aged Shui Xian

7) 2006 Ban Tian

8) 2004 Spring Tie Lo  Han




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        Returns: All tea is authentic and as described. I buy only from highly reputable dearlers (at retail prices for the most part) No returns are accepted becasue of the nature of the product. I am happy to talk about any aspect of the tea sets and can also give further brewing suggestions if you are having problems.

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